Le Palais de Sulayman


The Brief:

After receiving Sulaymân’s letter, the Queen of Sheba was very disturbed and urgently called her advisors. They took the letter as a challenge, they interpreted it as a declaration of war and as a request to submit to its author who foresaw their future defeat.

They said that they could only offer her advice and that it was only her right to make the decisions. Nevertheless, she sensed that they wanted to respond to the threat of Sulaymân’s invasion by force and engage in battle. She told them: ‘Peace and friendship are better and wiser, war only brings humiliation, enslavement of people and destroys all that is good. I have therefore decided to send gifts to Sulaymân, chosen from among our most precious treasures. The messengers who deliver the gifts will have the opportunity to learn more about Sulaymân and his army.”

Sulaymân’s reconnaissance team brought him the news of the arrival of the queen’s messengers and their gifts. He immediately understood what the queen’s intention was: to send men to carry out a reconnaissance mission and collect information. Therefore, he gave the order to gather his army. As the queen’s envoys passed through the ranks of Sulaymân’s army, they realized that it was better equipped than theirs and that their wealth was nothing compared to that of Sulaymân’s kingdom, where the floors of his palace were made of sandalwood and inlaid with pure gold. They noticed that Sulaymân was leading his army and were surprised by the number and variety of soldiers in his army, which included lions, tigers, birds… The messengers were amazed at what they saw and realized that they were facing an army that nothing could resist.


The scent of my Sandalwood is creamy and spicy. After grinding the wood and a part of the roots, I released all the aroma of this powder into a tincture. I poured this potion over my Iranian saffron pestles in order to get the most out of them in their cleanest form.


Cistus (India), Saffron (Iran), Sandalwood (New Zealand), Vanilla (France), Grey Benzoin (Sumatra), Black Benzoin (Somalia), Ylang-Ylang (Madagascar), Agarwood (India, Assam), Sandalwood (New Zealand)

The Craftsmanship:

“There are agarwood pieces inside the bottle.
To fit with my inspiration, I have handcrafted the lid to give it a “Tiger” aspect, each one is unique.
I have handcrafted the box with a golden layer to remind the floor of Sulaymân’s place, you can find scuffs as if animals with protruding claws had passed by.” –Jimmy Bodin

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