Nha Trang Vietnamese Incense Sticks / Senkoh


Nha Trang Vietnamese Incense Sticks / Senkoh

**There are roughly 35-40 sticks per 10g
**Each stick burns approximately 45 minutes
**Total burn time of a tube is approximately 26-30 hours. It’s a pretty great value!

Those familiar with incense are well acquainted with the notoriety of the famed Central Vietnamese region of Nha Trang, which produces a sweet-scented Agarwood.

Rising Phoenix Perfumery ran an initial test batch of Nha Trang incense that sold privately and never made it into the shop. This was several years ago. Since then, Rising Phoenix has been making small, high-grade batches. Several more, in fact – so they are starting to label which batch it is, nomenclated by the Year and B (for Batch).

The ingredients are simple and straight-forward: high-grade Vietnamese Nha Trang chips and minimal Tabu Noki (Japanese Makko / Machilus Thunbergii). The result is a luxuriously sweet and resinous incense at a beautifully affordable price.

Deep, rich, and oudy. No BS. Only Bliss!


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