Papua Merauke Incense Sticks / Senkoh


Papua Meroke (Merauke) Incense Sticks / Senkoh

**There are roughly 35-40 sticks per 10g
**Each stick burns approximately 40-45 minutes
**Total burn time of a tube is approximately 26-30 hours. It’s a pretty great value!
**2020 Batch 1 – Indonesia Series

What we have here is a short and sweet description – Japanese style senkoh sticks made from premium, old-stock Meroke (Merauke).

Deeply resinous and they’ll leave your room fragranced for ages.

Burn time is roughly 40-45 minutes.

The ingredients are simple: Premium, resin-dense Papua Meroke, and minimal Tabu Noki (Japanese Makko / Machilus Thunbergii).

The result is a luxuriously sweet, almost chocolatey, and resinous incense at a beautifully affordable price.

This batch came out better than expected and reminds me of some of the very first Agarwood chips I had – complete with an almost indescribable bitter dark chocolate note that almost brings a tear to my eye.

Deep, rich, and oudy. No BS. Only Bliss!

This is a treat for the soul! Enjoy!

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