Oud Damascena


The agarwood and the rose are one and the same, as some perfumers in the Middle East would say, it is indeed a common combination but we have our secrets to make a beautiful combination.
We used an exquisite natural oil of wild aged oud that comes from the bangladesh from the aquilaria agallocha tree variety.
Only the infected parts were distilled, giving birth to an oil that is more than 35 years old.
Indeed this combination of wild oud, rose essential oil, rose absolute, on a concrete tincture of oak moss accentuates its smoky note.
These notes evolve with time, the Turkish Damascena Rose is well present at the first spray accompanied by the intense oud giving way to a note of Crushed Rose Petal which evolves, nothing better to tie the soul. This perfume brings an extraordinary luxurious sensation between Asia (oud) and Orient (rose). A perfume composed of rich and very characterful ingredients.
Oud Damascena is the majestic royal tiger of Bengal marking its territory in the wild forests of Bangladesh leaving its indelible mark on its passage.
Top notes: Damask Rose, Rose de mai, Yuzu,
Middle Notes: Oud Bengali, Animalic Oud, Smoke, Ambergris, Damask Rose.
Base Notes: Woody, Smoky Notes, Rose Otto, Damask Rose.
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