Orange Cordoue


Orange Cordoue is a surprising elaboration with multiple explosions of scents between musk castoreum and yummy citrusy notes.
It starts on Katana’s characteristic tincture of Siberian Castoreum Musk. With this base, I wanted to show you my best skills and I have blended Animalic and Leathery Notes with precious notes such as a fine selection of Cuban Tobacco in order to soften this strongly animalic scent. Refining it with Tangerine that sparkle throughout your olfactory journey.
Imagine yourself in the folkloric Cuban between the smells of traditional tobacco and all these exotic fruits. A single spray that will make you travel to the most beautiful Cuban playas! A rich and yet very elegant perfume.  This elaboration was a surprising result, I admit that I am proud of it.
Top notes: Orange, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Gourmand Tangerine.
Middle Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musky Citrus, Musk.
Base Notes: Castoreum Musk, Musk, Amber, Dark Orange.
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