Santal Segar


Santal Segar, Segar is an Indonesian word for « fresh », without any doubt the jewel among jewels, it seems unreal for us to describe it to you. It is literally a gem among sandalwood’s elixirs, it generously expresses itself by gourmand/boozy notes and a fresh undertone.
Santal Segar starts with surprising and breathtaking notes… rich and perfectly blended. This sandalwood oil is the unique result of a dedicated artisanal work on its roots, distilled from a raw tree that has a natural creamy smell.
Santal Segar expresses itself with explosive notes such as Rose de Mai, Bergamot, and delicate fruity notes like Peach and Apricot to reveal the unique Sandalwood and the ultimate powdery vanilla you have ever smelled.
This explosive cocktail will take you on a journey through various honeyed and flowery notes. Our elaboration is a must-have for all precious sandalwood’s lovers.
Top notes: Rose de Mai, Rose Otto, Fresh Summer Flowers.
Middle notes: Sandalwood, Yuzu, Bergamot, Vanilla.
Base notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Sweet Amber, Tonka, Blended in Katana’s Vanilla Tincture.
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