Oud De Grasse


To make Oud de Grasse, I had to completely rewire my nose, and delve heavily in the study of synthetic compounds – the cornerstone of modern perfumery as we know it (and a field I am a complete novice in). For this reason Oud De Grasse is quite likely the most “un-Taha” perfume I’ve produced to date. With guidance and feedback from our valuable clientele, I’m finally confident enough to launch this fragrance.

Twangy tonka, grapefruit and Mexican juniper take the lead. Geranium and patchouli provide a rich herbaceous aroma in the heart, while warm and deep notes of amber, sandalwood, oak moss, and the faintest hint of civet serve as a comforting and long lasting base.
Sustainable Thai oud and wild-crafted Burmese oud permeate every peak and valley of the scent profile. In fact, Oud De Grasse has the highest concentration of oud in our entire First Collection (yep, even more than Karama). Those who are familiar with the scent profiles of Thai and Burmese oud oils may be able to detect the oud component, however the oud was deliberately utilized to merely enrich the aroma, lending depth and richness to the other ingredients.

Oud De Grasse is primarily composed of natural ingredients, and the whole idea behind it’s creation was to reveal how a mostly-synthetics scent genre would smell when life is breathed into it with rich, natural ingredients.
More than any other product, I would love your feedback on how you think I did with this composition.

Note: despite the fact that I didn’t limit myself to all-natural ingredients, I decided to use natural oak moss. Fat dollops of it. If you’re allergic to oak moss, you may want to skip this perfume. Everyone else, enjoy! IFRA, go suck a lollypop.

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