Oud Satin


Oud Satin is a fresh perspective and new take on oud. An easy wear clean oud that can be worn anytime and anywhere. This is a joyful happy oud. Oud are often used in dark fragrance. In this fragrance, the Thai oud wears a different hat. With the notes of white florals, peach. The fragrance opens up in a fresh playful manner and slowly transition to becomes slightly creamy as the notes of sandalwood, amyris and almond start shining. The fragrance finally settles on a notes of oak moss and a breezy clean-smelling and slightly fruity oud. Oud Satin has been incredibly blended well! Magnificent peace of art that is indeed complex and simple at the same time.

Top note: white florals, peach
Heart note: Sandalwood, amyris, almond.
Base note: Thai Oud, oak moss absolute

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