Sweet Farewell


Eau de parfum 

“Based on Thai’s dessert called “Kanom Jaak” made from rice powder , palm sugar , coconut milk ,coconut flakes and pandan leaf. Grilled on Nipa palm leave.

Kanom means dessert in Thai while Jaak means Nipa palm  leaves also synonym for goodbye or farewell.

Years ago, Kanom Jaak used to be well known dessert. You could find it almost everywhere but recently I think I hard to find one. I’m not sure why. Maybe because Nipa palm may difficult to source.

It’s not one of my favourite dessert. Just another of childhood’s memories.

Sweet farewell is woody green gourmand base with dominate notes of tea-like from Nipa palm leaves , Milky Coconut , rice powder , sweetness from palm sugar , unique sweet green from Pandan leaves and hint of smokiness.” —A Note from the brand


Coconut Milk, Nipa Palm Leaves, Vanilla, Palm Sugar, Cedar, Rice Powder, Sandalwood, Musk, Pandan Leaves, Tonka Bean, Cashmeran, Ebony

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