Oud Submariner 2021


Exclusive Blend Line
Limited Edition

Extrait de Parfum

The 2021 version of Oud Submariner features a larger dose of Burmese oud from the previous releases. This small detail changes the overall feel of Oud Submariner and reinforces the iodine note naturally, without the addition of seaweed this time.

Although you will find the famous Suyufi oud from the first version, it will be in a smaller dosage to erase the “barnyard” effect present in the first 4 minutes of Oud Submariner in its first version.

Oud Submariner 2021 hides in its composition a sweet note of felted vetiver. In a dosage so perfect that your senses will take it in for a treat.

Top Notes
Heart Notes:
Organic Burma Agarwood (P&O Agarwood Blend)
Base Notes:
Organic Seufi Agarwood (P&O Agarwood Blend)

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