Oud Therapy – Oud Hashish


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Extrait de Parfum

Oud Therapy – Oud Hashish 28 years old Trat Oud reveal it’s most beautiful natural composition when blended with organic Swiss hemp oil and just a touch of basilic. It is not just about being the best perfume of Jousset Parfums but the first and absolute agarwood experience: Rub a drop of the pure Trat Agarwood oil into your hands, inhale deeply and burn a chip of the same agarwood in your Bakhoor burner. While you enjoy the trip and now that you understand that 28 years old Trat, use one spray of our therapeutic Oud Hashish blend on your chest or your arm. We suggest you to take your time to enjoy a mind regenerating oud moment for yourself. Any time you will spray Oud Hashish, no matter the occasion, you will remind that state of well being. We’ve cut the chips in perfect size for you to enjoy a ride of a couple of minutes, they are ready to be burned. The experience doesn’t finish here, you will find the heavenly smell of the exact same Trat Oud in the oil, by itself, in the wood, in its more natural form and in Oud Hashish blend, so you can understand your perfume. We have used only natural ingredients in the blend, and every chip is cut to a comfortable size to be burned and are very infected. Each of them were manually selected for the occasion. In Oud Therapy – Oud Hashish, you are offering yourself:

  • The pure oil: 0,72g to 0,78g of 28 years old Trat
  • The infected wood: 5,10g to 5,60g of manually selected sinking chip of 28 years old Trat Along with the perfume
  • The therapeutic perfume: 30ml of spray to get yourself perfumed on any important occasion for you.

Important: The sprayer is wide and 1 spray is enough for the experience. The organic hemp oil procure no psychotic effect. Use micca sheet to let the chip burn gently. We don’t sell this product separately. The round amount of oil is approximately 0.75g and is sufficient for more than 15 seances. The round amount of chip is 5g and approximately 25 pieces, is sufficient for more than 15 seances.

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