Oud Submariner


Exclusive Blend Line
Limited Edition

Extrait de Parfum

Oud lovers get ready to discover agarwood again… An exclusive blend of Seufi Agarwood, Seaweed, and Burma Agarwood is waiting for you like an old relic ringed by glossy seaweeds, deep down underwater. The discovery of this jewel of nature is a rediscovery of agarwood. Let your skin be the fourth and final ingredient in this confidential experience. Hand-collected aged agarwood resin and a unique handcrafted stopper will make your experience unforgettable.”I’ve always had a phobia of the underwater world, but I know there are wonders hidden in it. I wanted to represent the shock between what scares me the most – deep underwater – and what attracts me the most on the mainland – natural agarwood” – A note from the nose

Top Notes:
Heart Notes:
Organic Burma Agarwood
Base Notes:
Organic Seufi Agarwood

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