Perfect Movie Date

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Imagine a fragrance that captures the essence of the ideal cinematic rendezvous: “Perfect Movie Date.” This captivating perfume is a symphony of luxurious, rich, and heartwarming scents, each expertly selected to blend seamlessly and evoke the charm of an unforgettable evening.

At the heart of this fragrance lies the luscious warmth of Cocoa Absolute. This ingredient envelops your senses in a decadent embrace, offering a velvety, rich aroma that parallels the comfort of savoring your favorite chocolate treat during a cozy night out. Its bittersweet depth is both intoxicating and soothing, setting the stage for the complexity to follow.

Complementing the cocoa, the distinct and calming notes of East Indian Sandalwood bring an earthy, woody elegance to the blend. This sacred wood, revered for its balmy and creamy profile, adds a tranquil foundation, balancing the initial richness of the cocoa. Its aroma is both grounding and uplifting, reminiscent of the serene moments shared in the dim glow of the theater.

Then enters the Fermented Hindi Oud, a rare and precious essence known for its deep, resinous, and smoky scent. This oud lends an exotic, mysterious edge to the perfume, evoking the thrilling tension of a gripping film plot. It’s a note that lingers, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience as enigmatic as the twists and turns of a great movie.

Madagascan Vanilla Tincture and Vanilla Oleoresin weave through the composition with their creamy, sweet, and slightly spicy notes. The Madagascan vanilla brings a smooth, lush warmth that enhances the indulgent character of the cocoa, while the vanilla oleoresin adds depth and richness, blending seamlessly for an opulent gourmand touch.

Butter CO2 and Butter Tincture introduce an unusual and delectable buttery quality, reminiscent of the irresistible aroma of freshly popped popcorn. This gourmand nuance adds a layer of soft, creamy indulgence, enhancing the perfume’s comforting facet and making it feel as cozy and inviting as a plush theater seat.

The Bitter Almond Absolute brings a subtly nutty and slightly sweet-bitter accent reminiscent of marzipan, adding complexity and a unique twist to the blend. It pairs beautifully with Hazelnut Absolute, which offers a creamy, toasted aroma, evoking the delightful pleasure of enjoying a hazelnut latte with a loved one before the movie begins.

Finally, Tonka Bean Absolute rounds out the composition with its rich, warm, and slightly spicy profile. Its sweet and balsamic nuances echo the comforting elements of vanilla and butter, while adding a hint of sophisticated intrigue. This absolute perfectly encapsulates the end of a perfect date night, where every moment feels just a little bit magical.

“Perfect Movie Date” is more than just a fragrance—it’s an experience. Each spray envelops you in a blend of sweetness, warmth, and subtle complexity, much like the unforgettable memories of a cherished evening at the theater. This perfume is perfect for anyone looking to capture the essence of romance, excitement, and the comforting pleasure of a night spent with someone special. Wear it to relive those precious moments and to create new ones, making every day feel worthy of the silver screen.

Concentration: Pure Parfum 35%

Perfumer: Jaka Umbaran


Cocoa absolute, Sandalwood, Fermented Hindi Oud, Butter CO2, Butter tincture, Vanilla oleoresin, Hazelnut absolute, Bitter Almond absolute, Tonka Bean, Madagascan Vanilla tincture.

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