Prince Sardanapal



Extrait de Parfum

The month of December will witness the release of our last two Elixir Attars planned for this year.

Originally we had one planned for November and the other for December, however the project of releasing my friends’ and perfumery students’ perfume changed the plan a bit, we decided November for both his compositions, and December for the remaining two Elixir Attars.

Today i am presenting the works of one of my best perfumery students, i had several students of perfumery over the last few years, Sardanapal Abelar (pseudonym at his request) is one of the most notable due to his deep dedication to the craft.

Generally when he undertakes something he immerses himself almost completely in it, and perfumery was not his first very successful indulgence, to conclude, he is a very multitalented and successful person and i wish him the best in life moving forward.

I wont talk about both compositions myself, if i did not think they were excellent, i would never have offered them, i can only say, i wear both of them, Tango Fleuri is a heavenly Gardenia/tuberose composition with insane amounts of gardenia enfleurage, and Prince Sardanapal is one of the best frankincense perfumes i have ever smelt.

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