In 1917 Francois Coty’s feminine Chypre was so influential that it inspired many descendants, becoming the progenitor of a whole family of related fragrances. What connected the family members in this genre was the citrus top notes, a middle centered on Labdanum and a set of basenotes derived from Oakmoss. This is the modern history of Chypre and every notable perfume house has had a take on the Chypre.

The name Chypre is French for Cyprus, the Arabic name for the Island is Qubrus. What is intriguing is that fragrances that had these very ingredients existed in other forums for centuries prior to 1917, they were just not called Chypre. The Islamic and Greek culture of the Island contributed to the existence of these amazing fragrances from oils to incenses. Arab presence on the Island dates back to the 3rd Khalif Uthman Ibn Afan 649, and there after the Umayyads made the Island flourish as the enjoyed her climate and so established a presence on the Island.


Top: Rose, Patchouli, Neroli

Middle: Labdanum, Luban, Musk

Base: Oakmoss, Oudh, Vetiver


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