Royal Sarawak

Royal Series


“Royal Sarawak 2017 – a rare traditional oil from Sarawak state distilled back in 2017 from triple super grade wood harvested from the deep jungle of Miri, and cooked the traditional way in a steel pot, with minimal soaking time. As a result of this, the oil takes you on an amazing journey through the entire Indonesian arhipelago, from East Kalimantan to South Borneo, to West Kalimantan and then to Malay state! It fills every olfactory gap covering entierly this particular area, and it amazes me how strong and deep this oil can be, very resinous with pure vintage vibes of oudiness, but without any dirtiness.
The top notes open with a mystical and smooth leather, muskiness, the smell of old books, sweet molasses and a wisp of gentle smoke. Then the oil rapidly transitions to some antique wood notes, liquorice, a slightly sweet diesely note, dark cocoa beans and jungle leaves keeping you on a journey throughout the Archipelago for around 12-14 hours on skin! The base is surrounded by a dark cola vibe with smoked vanilla , traces of petrichor, etheral cinnamon and prunned tobacco. What amazes me in this oil is that around the very late stage of the dry down comes with an invigorating fresh rose petal note, maybe I’m crazy, but this is what I got from the trip with this oil!” —Jinkoh Store

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