Emperor Tawi Tawi

Emperor Series


“A very special release, potentially oud of the year for Jinkoh Store, a Philippino oil which made my last month full of joy, I wore it almost on a daily basis during the last 35-40 days just to observe the development of this oud.
It’s a fresh oil distilled in December 2021 from Tawi Tawi islands, witch are more close to the Borneo side. I’m not sure about the species of wood used here, but I’m 100% sure it’s not gyrinops. The batch consisted of incense/triple super grade wood, unsoaked and steel cooked very slowly at lower temperatures for around 26 days!!!

Some of the Phili oils smell very similar to Sri Lankan oils, oceanic, fruity and petrichor. On the other hand the bad distillations smell like firewood/barn etc. It’s not the case here, this batch is full floral and has very green and blue vibes. I’ll make the description short and straight to point as much as i can. The opening reveals some wild floral spicy notes, green leaves and apple skin. About 5 minutes in, it starts to change into something purely amazing. Zero petrichor, oceanic or camphor notes, instead it has some very juicy guava/jackfruit notes accompanied by ripped startfruit and delicate, bright flowery and sweet minty traces. The oil continues its journey for a few hours in this scent bubble and remains tropical juicy fruity till the end.
In the drydown you will find all the notes above “soaked” into a milky sweet green base with a touch of carnation vanilla beans.” —Jinkoh Store

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