Sunset in Maroc


Extrait de Parfum

”Sunset in Morocco, a blend meticulously made using thoroughly selected materials tailored to Jinkoh Store’s style and taste. This is more of a personal perfume that I made “for myself”. Some of you know very well my love for rose, in my opinion after oud, rose is the most regal, sensual and how you wanna name it smell in world. It’s vibrant note, full of energy capable of changing your mood so easily. Ok, now let’s talk about this blend and my interpretation of Moroccan vibe. In this perfume I created a very delicious amber accord (not to be confused with ambergris, amber is an accord made mainly from labdanum, benzoin and vanilla) using labdanum resinoid from Cyprus, benzoin resinoid and white benzoin from Somalia mixed with Madagascar vanilla CO2 and absolute.
This gourmandish-dusty amber is topped with a breathtaking roseaccordobtained from the best Moroccan rose absolutes and molecular distillations. I actually used 4 kinds of roses aiming to achieve the most red, carnal and velvety rose ever, without all the citrus/terpene and volatile part of it. The smell of this rose resembles the Turkish/Moroccan rose lokhoum, a very red and tasty rose jam. Did I succeed? I will let you try it and tell me.

All this amber-rose accord is completed with other resins like opoponax, frankincense, myrrh surrounded by spices (clove, cinnamon and mainly saffron) and an amazing dried fruit note from raisins accord. Finally but not last, I added a hint of Cambodian oud to give that “whoump” to the whole composition. The oud I used 90% resembles a very wellknown oud I had available in 2021 which so many of you still ask me for it, Pursat Qi.

Enjoy this perfect autumn perfume,
From my heart to your senses !!! 50 pieces only !!!” —Jinkoh Store

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