Vivacious is a bit distinct when compared to the other fragrances from the Hiram Green line. The nose wanted to offer its audience something light and modern, but still like a full perfume with many different accent notes. This is a violet-themed perfume that takes its cue from those prim Victorians who adored this precious flower so much. Updated for the 21st century, this scent has an energizing happy and carefree flair.

To this day, perfumery borrows the language of music – accords, notes, harmonies – to describe scents and the successful blending of fragrance ingredients. Poets have also placed side by side the utterance of speech and music, the emission of fragrance. You will find a lot of that in Shelley’s poetry from the 19th century. Having said that, the violet in Vivacious melodious with a fresh odor that choral and melodic as it perfectly blends with the rest of the notes. The notes in this fragrance all unite together to deliver an impeccable, exquisite, and charming symphony.

The fragrance opens with bright, clean, joyful, and uplifting bergamot that seamlessly and flawlessly merges into a floral bouquet of flirty violet and spicy carnation. Waxy orris smoothly anchors this boisterous and clamorous heart and soft, powdery amber adds a warm and luxurious finish.

Vivacious is an exuberant, energizing, and joyful perfume. Admirable, Full of life, elegant, and charming. Perfect to zing your life.


Notes: bergamot, violet, carnation, orris, amber

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