Al Mashriq


Al Mashriq by Imperial Oud is the perfection of Eastern perfumery, a true Mukhallat!

Al Mashriq which is Arabic for the East befits this attar perfectly. It captures an image of the famous Arabian Nights, an exotic heady blend. As a perfume, it slowly reveals its layers, the highest quality essential oils and musks enfold. Trio of Tibetan, Mongolian and Siberian musk were first macerated in Hindi oud oil for over 6 months. Then a mix of Taif and Hindi rose were added to a base of sandalwood and ambergris. These two blends were left to age together for few a months and finally, the “cherry on top” Persian saffron was added to the attar to complete this Oriental Mukhallat. Mashriq lasts for hours as it slowly opens up, a rose with each petal soaked in musk, floating on a bed of oud, sandal, and saffron.

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