Crassna Laos – 2016


This Crassna Laos oil is a cultivated Laoation oil from 2016, lots of rich fruitiness, clean zest and incense.

Laotian oils have a reputation for being a little bit animalic or perhaps barny skank. This is slightly different if anything more Thai/ Cambodian due to it being produced from a Crassna plantation and also soaking times reduces per our instructions.

Cooked for us during our visit to Laos in 2016 this has been sat and almost forgotten about. But what a beauty and for a 4-year-old cultivated oil it’s settled into a lovely well-rounded monster, great silage!

Upon application on the skin this opens with a rich bold blast of red fruits, blood-red cherries with a ripe strawberry overlap. As it settles down a slow release of vaporous camphor and bitter herbs is very much in the foreground. There is a nice interplay where hints of ginger, bay leaves, and cumin bounce around in an incredibly mesmerizing manner.

All in all, this is a beautiful well-rounded solid oil, great for everyday usage or an intro for a newbie.

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