Borneo Essence – 2017


We bring this oil to you from South Kalimantan, almost at the very southern tip of Borneo. Distilled mid-2017 its had almost two years of settling, curing, and aging to mold it into a ‘jungle perfume’.

This Oud is different from the Malinau aroma you may be used to. Much spicer and greener it opens with a burst of ground Clove, Cardamom, and black Pepper. There’s a rich woodiness, a touch of cedar interplaying with a jungle green. A hot humid green, moist earth as the sun comes out after a downpour. Like most Borneo oils silage is of a close to a skin scent, a little applied on the inside of a cuff helps with the projection.

Overall, a very well balanced calming oil, great for meditation or you just want a little time to yourself.

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