Yasameen is a seamless fusion of harmonized notes. For those of you who love Jasmine, this is your calling the Jasmine fragrance of Yesteryear. Yasameen opens up with a gorgeously balanced jasmine note that has the slightest touch of dirty to it much like the classics of the jasmine genre. The tune of jasmine then dances into a powdery, musky Italian cedar. The middle and top of this attar is an absolute joy, beautiful, enchanting, and very inviting with musk and saffron as the stars. The attar settles down to a sandalwood, cigar, and pinewood base that is layered with a patchouli and vetiver mist.

“I could have written a more detailed description but there is nothing like smelling this beauty, so don’t take the chance good classic Jasmine fragrances are rare and Yasameen won’t be waiting for too long.” — A note from the brand.

Yasameen and Ward are sisters, a wonderful duo perfect combination for every attar collector.

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