Al Ola


Around a decade ago, when Agar Aura’s Ghaliyah Al-Molook was released, virtually no one had heard of ‘ghaliyah’ perfumes, and it was certainly the very first one to be made available online. When various ‘ghaliyah’ perfumes suddenly mushroomed and became rampant and widely available everywhere, I lost interest in producing more ghaliyah perfumes after releasing just one more successor, the Perisan flavored Airya.
Formulated by faithfully adhering to recipes I found in hand-written manuscripts of Ibn Sina and Abu Nasr Al-Cohen, Ghaliyah Al-Molook was a perfume that impressed everyone who tried it. A lakhlakhah (thin pasty liquid suspension) in form, it possessed a scent profile and structure that wasn’t like anything else in the market.
Since our discontinuation of the ghaliyah series, I was incessantly requested to (re)formulate more ghaliyah blends from the olden days, but I had lost interest due to the watering down of the meaning of what constitutes a ghaliyah.
Going further back to the very first days of Agar Aura, Areej Al-Molook was our first ever oud attar. Formulated around the classic oud-musk-rose structure (and inspired specifically by the King Fahd Blend by the house of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi), it was another widely celebrated attar that was highly sought after.
Al-Ola is a perfect fusion of Areej Al-Molook and Ghaliyah Al-Molook.
Using modern perfumery methods with ancient ingredients and tweaked with modern mixed media, Al-Ola brings back to life two of the most opulent and regal Agar Aura attars.
Oud, musk, and ambergris. Rose, jasmine, and precious spices. A decadent cohort of various other bridging ingredients threading the components seamlessly.
We’ve all smelled oud-rose perfumes, yet I made the bold claim that Layali and Al-Jazzab were unlike any other oud-rose perfumes. Critics and reviewers tipped their hats in agreement.
Likewise we’ve all smelled oud-musk-rose perfumes, yet, again I make the claim that this modernized rendition of an ancient flavor is unlike other you will come across.
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