Antwood Antique


Top: Clary Sage/Clove/ Connifer/ Vintage Kajuput/ Palo Santo

Heart: Cocoa/Gold Champaka/White Champaka/Blue Lotus/Espresso/Double Distilled Patchouli/Mexican Vanilla/Iris/Kodo Incense Accord

Base: Cambodian Oud/Green Kyara/Vintage Copaiba Balsam/Mysore Santal/Black Ambergris/Mongolian Deer Musk

A truly special, wild Cambodian Oud distillation and vintage Fritzsche Brothers Copaiba Balsam circa 1954 comprise 25% of the formula for Antwood Antique. Notes of cherrywood, tobacco, and fig sit atop layers of cocoa, antique laquer, and piano varnish. Kodo Incense, palo santo smoke, and clove weave throughout the heart. Like opening a wooden chest for the first time in a hundred years. Limited. 22 total bottles. 44% concentration.

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