Cheval d’Arabie


Sultan Pasha wanted to present to you his most animalic of all my compositions. This is only for the brave and true connoisseurs of truly skanky, animalic raunchy earthiness! Here the nose(Sultan Pasha) tried to replicate the smell of an Arabian steed in all its glory and magnificence. From the very start it’s extremely horsey and wildly animalic only to slowly tame over time revealing his true poetic noble nature translated by wet dewy tart roses on a bed of citric olibanum, Elemi and Hindi oud all reinforced by the most pungent noble animalics found in perfumery. Let Cheval d’Arabie take you on a wild olfactive ride which will reward you from start to end.



Top: Hindi Oud, Persian rose Otto, Taifi rose Otto, Hojari Frankincense oil, elemi, civet, saffron

Middle: Bulgarian Rose absolute, geranium absolute, Narcissus,   Hindi oud, Hay absolute, leather, Indian Patchouli, civet,

Base: Hyrecium, Swedish Castoreum, Civet, black ambergris, white ambergris, animalic musks, Siamese Benzoin, leather, hay absolute, elemi, olibanum, mimosa absolute, chrysanthemum absolute.

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