Fleur De Oud


Imagine yourself under aboundant heat, right in the middle of the warm season in a flowery field. Soft wind comes and the odor of flowers call your name. It’s frangipanni flower at its best.

This perfume is 100% natural and highlight two different ouds. A wild Cambodian agarwood will make you succumb to this journey between Asia and the gourmand notes of the west.

Silky bubblegum blend with luxurious oud makes that perfume unforgetable. Oud perfumery refined in the western way.


Top notes: Sweet Jasmin, Green Mandarine, Lemon
Middle Notes: Cambodian Oud, Peach Extract, Rose Otto, Leathers
Base Notes: Leathery Oud, Tobacco, Caramel, Amber, Malabar

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