Le Blanc Kaffeine


UCCA by Suko Oud and Lokajaya Perfumes and Attars.

A masterpiece spontaneously created from the re-attempt to recreate another masterpiece, Dark Desire.

this fragrance is a perfect balance between coffee, gourmand, and florals. It opens up with a big coffee note that slowly and smoothly transitions to a blend of gourmand notes coming from the biscuit and caramel accords, dancing impeccably with the floral notes coming from the Pandalus flower. The pomegranate adds a slight hint of fruity nuance and the cedarwood gives a bit of woodsiness and balsamic undertones to the scent helping it retain an incredibly charming edge. You gotta love the white coffee latte in this one…


Ethiopian Arabica Coffee, Clove, Biscuit Accord, Caramel Accord, Pandalus Flower, Pomegranate accord, and cedarwood.

*Launched in : 2021

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