Fougère Noire


Immersed in a dark forest of ferns in the early hours before twilight, air cool with the scent of dark woods, earth, and moisture of the surrounding vegetation. As the sun slowly breaks through the horizon, heating the earth below, the fog and darkness gradually dissipate to reveal lush greenery and life.

A true juxtaposition between darkness and light.



Top: Calabrian lemon and bergamot, nutmeg, lavender, geranium, coffee absolute, seaweed, clary sage, pine, elemi.

Middle: lavender absolute, cyclamen, geranium, rose damascena absolute, jasmine grandiflorum, carnation absolute , elemi absolute , pine absolute , Siberian pine balsam absolute, tobacco, coffee absolute, seaweed absolute, mushroom absolute, oakmoss absolute.

Base: musk, amber, civet absolute, castoreum, white ambergris, coumarin, tonka absolute, Iso E Super, Bourbon vetiver, cedarwood, Mysore sandalwood, patchouli, seaweed absolute, mushroom absolute and oakmoss.


Disclaimer and safety information

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