Hainan Essenza

Essenza Series


Jinkoh introducing to you its first oil of the Essenza series, Hainan Essenza, sold exclusively at Sealed Essence. Hainan Essenza is still a relatively fresh oil, it was cooked in a steel pot in early 2021 for 14 days from unsoaked incense grade Hainanese wood. During the distillation process the temperature was changed several times which resulted in a very interesting scent profile reminiscent of Chinese and Vietnamese oils.

The oil opens with nutty, oakmossy and earthy notes like damp soil and mushrooms which remain present until the drydown. In the heart bitter almondy, ballpoint ink-like, herbal, medicinal and ethereal musky notes join the party. The drydown closes with oakmossy, slightly earthy, sweet tonka and nutty nuances.

Stellar oud oil! Enjoy!

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