“Hayal” is a very fresh perfume, it is the result of a subtle concentration of various white flowers including mainly Jasmine Sambac and Lily of the Valley. I show you here my know-how in exploiting the best of floral materials.

Imagine yourself in a high meadow in the middle of a mountain, there is mist, it is humid, suddenly you notice around you many flowers, mainly white flowers, they exhale a sweet smell, all this is mixed with some fruity and sweet smells, a feeling of freshness invades you then…

Among the white flowers used in this perfume you will notice the pronounced presence of the Jasmine Sambac which plays a major role here, it is also accompanied by a flower which will perhaps recall you many memories: the lily of the valley which raises the aromatic side of this perfume and which confers it this great spring freshness which comes to contrast with the heat of the Jasmine.
After perceiving this from the beginning, you will perceive quite pronounced citrus notes, these are notes of sour oranges that blend beautifully with the lily of the valley and jasmine sambac.

It is a perfume that also has an interesting exotic facet; tonka bean and sweet vanilla that subtly match the amber.
“Hayal” is a light fragrance that is easy to wear, it will suit many people especially those who are not looking for certain oriental scents, that’s why it was important for me to design such a fragrance.

“Hayal” is a nice surprise, an original floral expression in the world of perfumery, it is also the most “European” or the least “oriental” perfume of our range.
Its concentration in white flowers will give you a feeling of freshness well enhanced by its remarkable citrus scent, the vanilla-tonka bean duet brings it a little more originality and an exotic side mixed with a discreet amber.

Lily of the valley, White flower, Jasmine sambac, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Amber.

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