“Zakhrafa” is a perfume with a marked character absolutely original in which a Colombian coffee and a ripe cherry as basic notes go together in all harmony accompanied by other essences well assembled.
Imagine a perfume gathering floral, greedy and fruity essences arranged in harmony like an ornament which covers the walls of a palace, it is not without reason that this perfume is called “Zakhrafa” which means in Arabic “Ornament” because it is an olfactory adornment for the one who wears it or who smells it. For this I used a Colombian coffee of character that combines wonderfully, surprisingly and unexpectedly with a sweet and ripe scarlet cherry. I also used as floral components; white flower; Lily of the Valley and Jasmine Grandiflorum that bring sweetness, warmth to the perfume and enhance its fruity and sensual side. Finally I also added chocolate Brownies which brings a greedy side to the perfume. “Zakhrafa” is a perfume that appeals from the first seconds, it begins with a strong and marked presence of cherry immediately accompanied by the aroma of Colombian coffee, in the middle notes you will discover floral notes that emerge in a direct way, finally gourmet notes of chocolate brownies come together like an olfactory puzzle that will not leave you indifferent.

“Zakhrafa” is a perfume that will please lovers of original perfumes, who are looking for a scent that is out of the ordinary, a perfume where floral, fruity and gourmand scents merge wonderfully.


Cherry, white flower, lily of the valley, jasmine, chocolate hazelnut, Colombian coffee

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