Kyara To Byakudan


Agarwood and sandalwood in a Japanese incense mix are a match made in heaven. But if you’ve tried layering agarwood and sandalwood oils together, you’ll realize its not an easy task to make the blend smell good.
Our Jinkoh To Byakudan (Japanese for ‘agarwood and sandalwood’) was an exception to the rule, featuring copious amounts of oud and sandalwood oils.

Kyara To Byakudan takes it to the next level.
It revolves around our (future-release) wild Vietnamese oud Vietnan Special K, coupled with the creamiest aged Mysore sandalwood you ever smelled.

You know this has got to be good.

Like its predecessor Jinkoh To Byakudan, this attar has an equally-balanced emphasis on the agarwood and sandalwood notes, neither one dominating the other all the way to the drydown.
Potent yet smooth, dignified and refined – Kyara To Byakudan is Agar Aura’s finest Japanese incense inspired creation.

If you enjoyed Kinam Attar or Khmer Kinam, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Kyara To Byakudan.

Note: “Kyara” (Japanese) and “Kinam” (Chinese) are interchangeable, but kyara has even more stringent standards of qualification. Kyara, by definition, hails from a select few countries, and Vietnamese kyara is considered to be the finest of all.
Vietnan Special K hails from Ha Tinh, Vietnam, and possesses all four flavors of kyara (white, yellow, green, black); a marvel in and of itself. But for crafting Kyara To Byakudan, the blend was tweaked to amplify the green kyara flavor. Green kyara has the best well-developed shimmery top notes: the perfect companion for the ‘heavy’ flavor of creamy vintage Mysore sandalwood.

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