Mriga, from the Sanskrit word for “deer.” Mriga contains no actual deer musk, but simply an inventive and original synthetic deer musk accord, perhaps the most precise one you can ever smell. The scent dramatically captures the subtly sweet, powdery, furry aspects of real musk with far more distinction than the average substitute. Prin Lomros in this perfume makes the most of this dazzling accord, complementing it with an array of florals and resins laid out to elicit the natural Himalayas habitat of deers, drawing out the aphrodisiac elements of deer musk that have brought the material such a splendid distinction and glory. The lime note in the fragrance adds brightness to the musk giving it a distinctive edge whole the earthy herbal accords coming from fir balsam, spruce, oakmoss, sandalwood adds a new dimension to the fragrance.

Deer musk accord*, lime, fir balsam, black spruce, grass, cade, oakmoss, oud, vetiver, nagarmotha, rose, sandalwood, jasmine, costus, wormwood, labdanum, peat

*this fragrance contains no animal products

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