Nocturnal Poetry



In the imagination of our brilliant artist Prin Lomros, a nightmare needs not to be a bad experience; the surreal feeling that accompanies an unsettling dream is a sublime inspiration. This sensation is seized and translated to an alluring captivating effect in Nocturnal Poetry, a lavish, exhilarating floral with the spicy, animalic complexity that PRIN is known for. A green and cool bundle of violet, champaca, and rose dancing with the scent of incense and myrrh along with sweet, earthy notes of beeswax, hay, and coffee. A mysterious dark base of oud, animalics and leather wraps up the scent adventure. Nocturnal poetry will take you on a dream-like fascinating floral journey that you have never experienced before.

Violet, champaca, rosewood, beeswax, frankincense, myrrh, coffee bean, rose, tobacco, hay, jasmine, leather, castoreum, hyrax, civet, musk, oud, turmeric, cumin

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