Oud Mostafa


A rare hybrid of wild Karbi Anglong and Southern Chinese agarwood unites in an oil that’s loud without the barn, spicy without fermentation twang, and richly layered every bit as much as the original Mostafa.

Ensar’s aim was not to capture the scent of gently heated agarwood chips, nor to amplify, auxiliarify, or even transcend the inherent scent of the wood. Although the scent is more than a clean-cut snapshot of slow-burn aloes.

With Oud Mostafa, Ensar want you to smell what artisanal Indian oud can smell like, with no disguise. His goal was not to create the most complex aroma in oud history, nor a single note fraction. Oud Mostafa isn’t about pipes and pots, soak or bespoke. It’s Dhikr. Zen. A scent to wear while sending salawat on the Beloved as a whiff sends you back millennia in a second. Standing, back in time, as we stand today. Reminisce.

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