Borneo 2000


Borneo 2000 by Ensar Oud was crafted almost eight years ago and has been naturally aging since. Back then, it would still be another year before Ensar published the first End of Oud announcement. For one, this meant that prices for rare raw agarwood were still sane! It also meant that we were still on a Borneo high and eager to make artisanal Borneo ouds the way we’ve been making them.

Think Borneo 3000 and you think vanilla. The sign of the successor is this: there’s no shortage of vanilla here! At moments you smell fresh Mahogany peeled from the bark. A semi-dry cedarwoodiness gently swiped with moist brown sugar, honey and maple syrup. That makes this your go-to Oud for going out. What Borneo 2000 adds to the palette is a musk-meets-frankincense mellowness that makes the 2000 fuller, more woody and less airy than the rest of the series.

Same techniques, same tradition, pristine wild Borneo agarwood. That’s how Borneo 2000 fits in with 3000, 4000 and Borneo Kinam….

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