The perfect reunion. Warm. Inviting. A rich and complex aroma inspired by centuries of wisdom
and sharing. Only the finest beans are roasted over woodfire in the heart of the desert to produce
the perfect cup of Qahwa — Arabic coffee. The staple of local hospitality.

Beautifully exotic. The aroma of natural coffee extract, blended expertly with subtle notes of
cardamom and select spices, round the experience into a ritual worthy of good company —
lighthearted conversation and shared laughter around the desert campfire. Close your eyes and
see the sky above filled with shimmering stars. Timeless. Unforgettable.

Cast the perfect roast and simmer,
Dallah over open flame and coal
History measured in hospitality —
The released oils scent the air,
Unlocking remembrance
Warm and welcoming Qahwa
Harmony beneath the stars

Notes: Arabian coffee, Oud, Pepper, Cardamon, Clove, Orange, Bergamot, Labdanum,
Frankincense, Patchouli, Vetiver, Birch & Sandalwood.

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