The Oud Caravan


A wanderlust of adventure reaching across time, this exclusive fragrance takes inspiration from
the famed caravans crossing the world’s greatest sea of sand. Bold shadows of camel trains cast
wide against shifting dunes, marking every step with the distinct signature of aromatic Oud wood
vapors. Ar Rub’ al Khali — The Empty Quarter. Mighty. Mysterious. Timeless.

This spicy oriental is a testament to the old world, capturing the very heart and soul of Arabia.
As mysterious as the tribes who know the deserts secrets, this special composition provides an
olfactive journey worthy of the Bedouin, whose tales have long been forgotten, like footprints in
the sand.

Endless sea of sand
Camel’s step and measure time
Traversing ancient wisdom
Leaving their mark on history
Shadows broadcast their way.
Footprints drift and fade
Mighty trail of Oud.

Notes: Cambodian Oud 1979, organic Thai Oud, Rose, Leather, Patchouli, Saffron, Clove,
Vanilla, Benzoin, Pepper, Tea, Incense, Amber & Sandalwood.

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