Tuba Attar

Tuberose in sandalwood oil


“Tuberose water distilled in a copper pot into a pure sandalwood oil is the most creamy and soothing attar from this collection.

Tuberose in general is one of the most challenging floral notes. Love it or hate this type of sensation. Often too indolic and herbal to most people. However, this attar showcase tuberose as cream de la creme brule type of experience with its most pleasant notes on display.

This attar will leave you pleasantly surprised. Another gourmand type of an attar that is truly delicious. It opens up with the most creamy Guava banana whip cream notes.

Sandalwood is soon becoming front and center only to enhance the gorgeous, lush and creamy floral vibe.

If one so far stayed away from tuberose due to its herbal indolic nuances, fear not! This attar will leave one pleasantly surprised.

It is important to note that traditional Indian Attars are made solely through distillation by a master distiller. The process can take over a month. Every single day approximately 100kg of flowers are slowly distilled into the sandalwood oil base infusing it not only with extremely intense oil but also highly fragrant hydrosol of a given flower. This results in a far superior olfactory composition rather than a simple blend of sandalwood and jasmine oil/absolute.

Experience the lost yet beautiful tradition of perfumery made only by distillation. The journey that is labor heavy, extremely time consuming yet absolutely worth it.

We went the extra mile of not only selecting the large collection of highest quality attars but actually testing every single one of them for purity and quality using GCMS lab tests. It sets them apart from any other Indian attars one may find online.–Areej Le Dore

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