Emperor of Pursat


“Emperor of Pursat – This new, emperor range oil is the entry gate to the Pursat jungle, in my opinion it’s the best Cambodian oud sold by Jinkoh Store up to date. We used some awesome incense grade wood with a little sinking grade shavings left from beads, all thrown into a hybrid pot without any presoak and cooked very slowly on low temperatures, under boiling point as usual. The result is very very close to a subitism experience with high grade Cambodian oud, this oil reminds me a bit of the top note of Emperor of China. It’s a fresh yet an amazing oil for its age, it’s like cross between the scent profile of a Cambodian Pursat and a Chinese sinensis. It has some amazing bitter-honey notes, complemented with sweet incense, creamy prune, green tea, liquorice, warm sweet resins, ethereal cinnamon, marzipan, and what’s special about this oil is that all the notes come thru dry down, then they rise up to a blue anise and slightly peppery flowery smell. An oil which guides you through a full journey. Enjoy it!!!” —Jinkoh Store

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