Oud & Rose


“Hello oud world, the highly awaited attar is here, the one and only Oud & Rose! I left the name as simple as the blend is because in my opinion an oud and rose attar doesn’t need any fancy name. We’re talking of the most hyped and used blend/mukhallat in perfumery, made by almost every house around world, yet still it’s one of the most appreciated and loved combo. Why? Simple, because these two materials are the King and Queen of all raw materials, and when these two kiss each other you experience one of the most regal and beautiful aromas out there. Maybe some of you are already bored by the plethora of oud-rose the market has to offer, but I promise you that this one will exceed your expectations. Most of you smelled my Emperor of Meghalaya oil, and I told you that I have a more traditional sister batch from the same harvest called Royal Meghalaya. Well, Royal Meghalaya is the first player in this attar, for me it’s like a real Kalakassi, an old ASAQ kind of Hindi, with jelly jam, cocoa, intense woody notes, red smashed grape juice and banana peel, this oil has a very very solid character. The second player is a small part of my Cambodi Essenza oil witch most of you know, and it was an winner in the price/quality department, and has a bitter incense-vanillic, lemon juicy, berry-like, plummy and slightly tobaccoey scent profile. The 3rd and 4th components of this attar are two 2 very very new gen clean cooked oils. I won’t mention the regions, I’ll let you guess. What can I tell you about them is that both have a prominent kinamic side: bittersweet, loads of honey, a bit of menthol, green tea, nutty and some darker incense notes.
Now the rose part, as you know I already showed you before the Iranian and Taif rose mixed together, these two roses are quite similar and have a pretty similar scent profile, what differentiates these from other rose distillations is the fact that all the roses used in this attar are only petal distillations, which means that the petals were carefully hand picked and chosen for this attar. They were all custom distilled for this blend.
The 3rd rose used in this attar is a Kandahar rose, witch makes the difference for this blend, all together revealing a dark rose profile, peppery, dewy, crisp, honeyed, citrusy, loukoumades sweet, jammy, plummy and also a little tobaccoey. Those 3 roses together bring you the perfect rose smell, not too terpenic, not too citrusy, it’s just perfection at least to my nose, and together with the other 4 ouds I think I managed to reach a perfect balance and complexity for any oud or rose lover. Enjoy it!” —Jinkoh Store

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