Sunset in Dhaka


“Sunset in Dhaka is the 3rd release of my Sunset line, and many many more to come! This time I chose Bangladesh and maybe you guys wonder why. Well, it was one of my personal ides for a while. This attar has its own unique scent with natural oud and cherry notes. It may sound easy, but you can’t extract cherry essential oil from cherry. Some guys tried it, but the smell loses the fruity aspect of cherry. Anyway, I found some natural raw materials witch contain the same smell compounds as the cherry, and after a long process I successfully managed to recreate some aspects of the cherry. Then the next challenge: what kind of oud should I pair it whit? Clean? New gen? Witch region? Etc etc. The cherry accord was done and I couldn’t find any oud oild to match the cherry note, until one of my contacts sent me an Bengali plantation oud oil. The trees used for this oil were 30-40 years old, and were distilled the traditional way, but without hard soak or burnt notes. Actually many guys who are familiar with traditional distillations will say that this is a clean oil. After many trials I managed to find the perfect pair which meant the beginning of this journey, without using 40-50 materials and yet making it crazy complex. Here we go, 75% of this blend is Bengali oud oil as I mentioned it earlier, complemented by a cherry accord, some resinous materials, especially opoponax
resinoid, Bengali vetiver, Haitian vetiver and rosehip Co2 !
Enjoy my vision of a darker sunset in GREEN BD!” —Jinkoh Store

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